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Table 1 Reported major difficulties affecting public health emergencies interventions

From: Evaluation of applied public health emergency system at Prince Mohammed International Airport in Almedinah during Hajj season 2014: a qualitative case study

Difficulties Frequency of the code
Lack of a documented public health education policy for the airport workers 7
Difficulty in communication between the health sector and other airport sectors 7
Lack of documented protocol, guidance, or policy for public health emergencies 7
Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment 6
Difficulty in accessing or lack of documented protocol, guidance, or policy for dealing with spilled biological materials and medical waste management 3
Situational conflicts between health workers and workers of other sectors 3
Provision of materials and equipment needed for management of medical waste and disinfections 3
Lack of documented protocol, guidance or policy for decontamination and disinfection of passengers transporting vehicles and airports terminals 3
Lack of isolation area at the airport 2
Difficulties in movement of ambulances between aircraft and regional health facilities due to applied security measures at the airport 2
Shortage of appropriate size of the Personal Protective Equipment 1
Lack of protective glass at stations with frequent exposure to travellers 1
Refusal of passengers to take relevant vaccinations and prophylaxis 1
Miscommunication concerning updates of flight arrivals and flight schedules between health authority and the airport authority 1
Difficulties in application of screening measures against Ebola Viral Disease using screening cards due to shortage of health workers during certain shifts 1
Lack of documented protocol, guidance or policy concerning transportation of medical staff from the terminals to the aircraft 1