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Table 2 Response to questions

From: Evaluation of patients’ knowledge on warfarin in outpatient pharmacy of a tertiary care cardiac center

Questions Incorrect answer (percentage)
Non-steroidal drug choice 44.1
Food warfarin interaction 76.4
Warfarin effect leading to emergency unit 58.8
Managing missed dose 55.8
Spinach intake frequency 70.5
Interaction with alcohol 73.5
Action to take when buying multivitamin 23.5
Action to take when you run out of prescription 29.4
Most likely side effect of warfarin 67.6
Action to take when buying cold medication 61.7
Action to take when taking dental appointment 23.5
Action to take when taking antibiotic 58.8
Action of warfarin 79.4
Best time to take warfarin 14.7
Effect seen when INR is high 41.1
Drink decreasing warfarin effectiveness 94.1
Situation where visiting emergency is essential 61.7
Action in taking herbal supplements 67.6
Frequency of PT/INR test 44.1
PT/INR test result indicates 44.1
Side effect to be informed to Coumadin clinic 70.5
Test to be carried out routinely 50
Interaction of over-the-counter drugs with warfarin 47
Warfarin effect requiring emergency unit visit 44.1
warfarin food interaction 26.4
Action to take if you have both generic and brand of warfarin 44.1
Time warfarin stays in body system 82.3
Length of time warfarin needs to be taken 94.1
Most risky activity to avoid while on warfarin 32.3