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Fig. 2

From: Genome expansion in bacteria: the curious case of Chlamydia trachomatis

Fig. 2

Genome-based taxonomic assessment of C. trachomatis strains. The heatmap shows a two-way hierarchical cluster analysis performed on the estimated zero’th order Markov model based trinucleotide frequencies in 79 C. trachomatis genomes. The leftmost colored column indicates pathogroup: red trachoma (A–C) serovars, green urogenital (D–K) serovars, blue LGV/proctitis (L1–L3) serovars and yellow recombinant (in vitro) isolates. Except for the recombinant isolates, which have genomes consisting of a mixture of genomes from multiple C. trachomatis strains from different serovars in addition to foreign genetic elements from other species, the pathogroups cluster perfectly together. A slight, but marked, division can also be observed within the urogenital C. trachomatis serovars (green)

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