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Table 3 Common animal diseases/conditions diagnosed based on clinical signs and symptoms in CVMA-VTH and Ada district veterinary clinic and their link to rational drug use

From: Evaluation of rational use of veterinary drugs especially antimicrobials and anthelmintics in Bishoftu, Central Ethiopia

Name of disease/cases diagnosis Number of cases Number of drugs prescribed
Antibiotics Anthelmintics
Yes No Yes No
Intestinal helminthosis 514 153b 361a 425a 89b
Ectoparasitese 204 109b 95a 93ad 111c
Respiratory diseases 117 87a 30c 54ab 63ba
Surgical cases 60 55a 5c 4c 56a
GIT disturbancesf 22 11c 11c 6c 16c
Reproductive problems 29 15c 14c 4b 25a
Blackleg 86 73a 13b 22c 64a
Lumpy skin disease 51 49a 2c 4c 47a
Sheep pox disease 29 24a 5c 4c 25a
Anthrax 4 4a 0a 0a 4a
Others 63 0a 63a 20a 43c
Total cases tentatively diagnosed 1179 580   636  
Not adequately specified cases or diseases 782 636c 146a 233c 549c
Total 1961 1216   869  
  1. GIT gastrointestinal tract
  2. aRational
  3. bIrrational
  4. abRational if the cause is due to lung worms
  5. baRational if the cause is only due to bacterial diseases
  6. cDifficult to categorize as rational/irrational as it depends on other co-infections
  7. dThe drug administered was ivermectin
  8. eMange mites, ticks and fleas
  9. fDepends on the causative agents