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Table 2 Percentage of respondents who agreed with the selected statements

From: Antibiotic use and resistance: a cross-sectional study exploring knowledge and attitudes among school and institution personnel in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Topic Correctness of the statement (if applicable) Number (%) agreeing with the statement
Access to antibiotics
 Leftover antibiotics are good to keep at home in case of future need Incorrect 91 (47)
 Have received antibiotics without consultation with doctor   103 (55)
 Have purchased antibiotics without prescription   115 (62)
Areas of antibiotic use and effectiveness
 Antibiotics speed up recovery from a cold Incorrect 103 (55)
 Antibiotics are effective against bacteria Correct 97 (52)
 Antibiotics are effective against viruses Incorrect 102 (55)
 Inflammation of the ear in a 3- to 6-year-old child almost always needs to be treated with antibiotics Incorrect 54 (29)
Side-effect of antibiotic treatment and antibiotic resistance
 If you feel better after half the treatment with antibiotics you can stop taking them Incorrect 40 (21)
 Humans can become resistant to antibiotics Incorrect 116 (62)
 Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics Correct 102 (55)
Doctor–patient relationship
 Doctors often take time to inform the patient during the consultation how antibiotics should be used   114 (62)
 Pharmacy staff often tell you how antibiotics should be used   100 (54)
 I trust the doctor’s decision when s/he prescribes antibiotics   141 (76)
 I trust the doctor’s decision if s/he decides not to prescribe antibiotics   148 (80)