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Fig. 2

From: RNA-Seq and microarray analysis of the Xenopus inner ear transcriptome discloses orthologous OMIM® genes for hereditary disorders of hearing and balance

Fig. 2

Comparison of Illumina-Solexa (RNA-Seq) and Affymetrix microarray methods for detection of Xenopus orthologues for OMIM® deafness and vestibular disorder genes. Bar graphs compare detection data for 131 deafness only OMIM® genes (a), 28 vestibular disorder only OMIM® genes (b), 31 OMIM® genes that are associated with both vestibular and deafness phenotypes (c) and all 190 OMIM® genes (d) that met alignment criteria for both microarray and RNA-Seq analysis. Both technologies met expression criteria for 108 (57 %) of the 190 OMIM® genes. RNA-Seq met expression criteria for 48 (25 %) additional OMIM® genes not detected by microarray. Eleven (6 %) genes were detected by microarray methods only. Expression criteria were not met with either technology for 23 (12 %) of the 190 Xenopus OMIM® orthologues that met alignment criteria

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