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Fig. 3

From: RNA-Seq and microarray analysis of the Xenopus inner ear transcriptome discloses orthologous OMIM® genes for hereditary disorders of hearing and balance

Fig. 3

Correlation plot of Affymetrix microarray and Illumina-Solexa (RNA-Seq) measurements of OMIM® gene expression. Data (log2) from 108 Xenopus orthologues for OMIM® deafness and vestibular disorder genes that met expression criteria for both technologies are plotted in the figure (X-axis, microarray GCRMA intensity values; Y- axis, RNA-Seq read based intensity value). A modest correlation was detected between RNA-Seq reads and microarray intensity values in this analysis (R = 0.49, R2 = 0.24, P value <0.5)

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