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Fig. 4

From: Molecular network of important genes for systemic sclerosis-related progressive lung fibrosis

Fig. 4

Confirmation of gene network of SSc-related genes in humans with data of RNA seq. Curves show Pearson correlation coefficients >0.35 or <−0.35. Colors of lines represent different R values. Red 0.7–1, pink 0.5–0.7, grey pink 0–0.5, black −0.5 to 0, green −0.7 to −0.5, blue −1 to −0.7. Gene network of 45 SSc-related genes in lung of humans. The graph’s canvas is 40.0 by 40.0 cm, and the node labels are drawn with a 10.0 point font, and the edge labels are drawn with a 10.0 point font

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