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Table 3 Implementation measures

From: The prevention and management of chronic disease in primary care: recommendations from a knowledge translation meeting

Domain evaluated Elements considered P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7
Resources Community and potential partner organizations in the region  
Physical space  
Strategies and approaches (ex. CME)  
Information sharing
Organizational structure Decision making roles       
Remuneration of health professionals       
Consultation structure within the program   
Establishing links with partners  
Role of stakeholders in the success of the program
Follow-up by program clinicians  
Reach within target population Patients
Referring health professional
Medical clinics
Support for referring HP Continuing medical education sessions    
Development of clinical tools and forms
Communications with referring health professionals
Support for program HPs Formal and informal training sessions    
Regional professional committees        
Contextual facilitators and barriers Clinician and stakeholder incentives     
Change management strategies  
Confidence and engagement of stakeholder  
Organizational structure of the clinic    
Organizational structure of services within CSSS  
Building collective knowledge and leadership
Appropriation by stakeholder       
CSSS external environment        
Waiting time Delay between reception of the referral to program and the 1st visit      
Impact on Primary care Participation in the program
Physicians perception of impact on patients
Interprofessional collaboration   
Perception benefit of the program
Improvement of knowledge regarding management of patient with chronic condition and resources available  
Use of CCM components and clinical tools  
Doctors participating in CME sessions       
Management of individuals with chronic disease (ACIC)      
Cost Cost-effectiveness        
  1. HP health professionals, CME continuing medical education, CSSS centre de santé et de services sociaux, ACIC assessment of chronic illness care