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Table 1 Laboratory data on admission

From: Streptobacillus moniliformis bacteremia in a rheumatoid arthritis patient without a rat bite: a case report

Blood cell counts
 White blood cells 13,300/μL
  Neutrophils 95.0 %
  Lymphocytes 2.3 %
 Red blood cells 367 × 104/μL
 Hemoglobin 12.2 g/dL
 Platelets 31.1 × 104/μL
Biochemical parameters
 Aspartate aminotransaminase 45 IU/L
 Alanine aminotransferase 34 IU/L
 Lactose dehydrogenase 202 IU/L
 Alkaline phosphatase 1035 IU/L
 γ-Glutamyl transferase 239 IU/L
 Sodium 136 mEq/L
 Potassium 4.5 mEq/L
 Chloride 100 mEq/L
 Blood urea nitrogen 29.9 mg/dL
 Creatinine 1.09 mg/dL
 Total protein 6.0 g/dL
 Albumin 2.4 g/dL
 C reactive protein 26.92 mg/dL