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Table 1 Description of training parameters from each article included for systematic review

From: Effects of exercise on neuromuscular junction components across age: systematic review of animal experimental studies

Reference Training type Duration (weeks) Frequence (times/week) Protocol
Crockett et al. [16] Endurance 15 5 Intensity was increased during the first 10 weeks, reaching 26.8 m/min, 15 % grade, for 30 min, 3×/week over the final 5 weeks. In alternating days, the animals sprinted 30 s at 42.9 m/min with 30 s interval at 26.8 m/min for 35 min total. All sessions had a 5 min warm-up and ended with 20 min at 26.8 m/min
Andonian and Fahim [21] Endurance 8 5 Training started with walk-jog pace of 15–20 m/min for 30 min. As the animals became familiar with the equipment, it gradually increased intensity for 25–28 m/min for 60 min per day. This intensity was maintained for the final 4 weeks of training
Waerhaug et al. [20] Endurance 6 5 All animals trained as close to exhaustion as possible. The speed was gradually increased and progressed from 6 m/min for 8–12 min at the onset of training, at 15 m/min for 20–24 m/min midway in the period and at 22 m/min for 30–35 min during the last week
Deschenes et al. [12] Endurance 12 5 High-intensity: Animals ran 24 m/min, during 20 min per session, with gradually grade increases from 0 to 25 % inclination. Low intensity: Animals ran 24 m/min, 0 % grade, with duration gradually increased from 20 to 90 min per training session
Fahim [22] Endurance 12 5 Exercise started at moderate walk-jog pace of 15–20 m/min for 30 min. As the mice became familiar, velocity and duration gradually were increased to 25–28 m/min for 60 min/day
Deschenes et al. [13] Resistance 7 3 Training consisted of Ladder climbing movements. Each animal climbed the ladder for 10 times, separated by 2 min of rest interval. Load was gradually increased from 50 to 535 g over the weeks
Deschenes et al. [17] Endurance 10 5 Animals trained for a period from 20 to 60 min with pace held at 25 m/min and 0 % grade inclination
Deschenes et al. [18] Endurance 10 5 Exercise started with 15 min duration at speed of 7.5 m/min at 0 % grade. Over the weeks, duration and speed were gradually increased to 60 min and 15 m/min, respectively
Deschenes et al. [19] Resistance 7 3 Ladder training consisted of eight climbs/session, initially with 50 % of body mass with 30 g increments added weekly