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Fig. 2

From: Lipid levels in HIV-positive men receiving anti-retroviral therapy are not associated with copy number variation of reverse cholesterol transport pathway genes

Fig. 2

Copy number variation is exceedingly rare for reverse cholesterol transport pathway genes. Copy number ratios are shown for the four individuals that had detectable CNV. Probes representing the RCT genes are on the left of the figure while reference probes (Ref_1–Ref_16), ligation controls (Ref_18), and denaturation controls (Ref_17, Ref_19) are on the right. The dots show the copy number ratios of each probe for each individual. The box plots represent the 95 % confidence interval of each probe ratio derived from the entire sample set. Arbitrary thresholds at 1.3 and 0.7 are represented by the dotted horizontal lines. Points that fall within these thresholds are considered to have a copy number ratio of 1.0

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