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Table 1 Criteria for rapid gestational assessment at delivery

From: Low-tech, high impact: care for premature neonates in a district hospital in Burundi. A way forward to decrease neonatal mortality

Feature 36 Weeks and earlier 37–38 Weeks 39 Weeks & Beyond
Creases in soles of feet 1 or 2 transverse creases; posterior ¾ of sole smooth Multiple creases; anterior 2/3 of heel smooth Entire sole, including heel, covered with creases
Breast nodulea 2 mm 4 mm 7 mm
Scalp hair Fine & woolly; fuzzy Fine & woolly; fuzzy Coarse & silky; each hair single-stranded
Ear lobe No cartilage Moderate amount of cartilage Stiff ear lobe with thick cartilage
Testes & scrotum Testes partially descended; scrotum small, with few rugae   Testes fully descended; scrotum normal size, with prominent rugae
  1. aThe breast nodule is not palpable before 33 weeks. Underweight full-term infants may have retarded breast development (Clinical significance of gestational age and objective measurement. Pediatr Clin North Am)