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Table 1 Clinical history of the patient: diagnosis and treatment

From: Multiple primary synchronous malignant tumors

Date (mm/dd/yrs) Examination Histology Date (mm/dd/yrs) Treatment
02/08/2013 Laringoscopy biopsy Vegetating lesion base of the tongue
Infiltrating and ulcerating squamous cell carcinoma C2C3
From 03/12/2013 to 04/13/2013 2 cycles of TPF (taxotere/cisplatin/5-fluoruracil) plus rasdiation therapy on nodes PET + and loco regional (69.96 Gy) and on orofarinx (54.45 Gy)
02/08/2013 CT-guided pulmonary biopsy Subpleural lesion o f the right upper lobe
Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma TTF1(+) e CDX2(-). pT1a N0
09/30/2013 Right lower lobectomy
No chemotherapy
02/13/2013 Pancolonscopy
Adenocarcinoma CDX2(+); TTF1(−). pT3a N2b R0 07/11/2013 Left hemicolectomy
Adjuvant chemotherapy
03/07/2013 Prostatic biopsy Adenocarcinoma Grading Gleason score 4 + 3; pT3, N2b, R0B 07/11/2013 Prostatectomy
No chemotherapy