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Fig. 1

From: Lack of association between the CARD10 rs6000782 polymorphism and type 1 autoimmune hepatitis in a Japanese population

Fig. 1

Genotyping of CARD10 rs6000782. a CARD10 rs6000782 is positioned 12,643 base pairs downstream in the 22q13.1 region. For sequencing primers, forward primer 5′-TTGAGACGGGGTCTCGCT-3′ and reverse primer 5′-GCCAAACCCGAGGTAATCTA-3′. b The SNP CARD10 rs6000782 A/C were genotyped from a PCR fragment with an average size of 365 bp. The dimorphism rs6000782 A/C was typed by RFLP method, the amplified PCR product was digested with XspI restriction enzyme, resulting in 321 and 24 and 20 bp fragments for allele C and an intact fragment of 345 and 20 bp for allele A. The small fragments (<50 bp) are not visible on the gel

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