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Table 1 Facilitator guide used to direct focus group discussions

From: Behind the wheel: community consultation informs adaptation of safe-transport program for older drivers

Discussion topics Probes and questions
NSW licensing and age Explore awareness of regulations
e.g. Tell me what you know about the licensing regulations for older drivers in NSW?
Explore opinions of current regulations—including equity, implications for older drivers
e.g. What do you think about those regulations?
Stopping or limiting driving Under what circumstances would you not drive?
Are there situations when you do not drive or do not feel confident driving?
How do you make the decision to not drive?
Do you get advice?
Barriers to stopping driving Are there situations where you have to drive?
Tell me about those situations
What are the implications of not driving?
Alternate modes of transportation Explore familiarity of alternate transport including public transport, taxi schemes, community buses
e.g. What alternatives are available? What alternatives do you use? What alternatives would you use?
What is your preferred scheme?
How useful is that scheme?
Explore acceptability of cost of alternate transport schemes