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Table 1 Diagnostic tests performed on piglet fecal samples

From: Case–control study of pathogens involved in piglet diarrhea

Agent Test References
 Campylobacter spp. Isolation [4]
 C. coli Biochemical methods [4]
 C. perfringens Isolation [5]
 C. perfringens PCR α, β, ε e ι and cpb2 genes [6, 7]
 E. coli Isolation [8]
 E. coli PCR StaP, Stb e LT genes [9]
 Salmonella spp. Isolation [8]
 Nematodes Flotation test [10]
 Protozoa Flotation test [3, 11]
 Coronaviruses (PEDv and TGEv) RT-PCR [12]
 Group A rotavirus RT-nested-PCR [13]