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Table 5 Facilitators and barriers to dignified care delivery by level of analysis

From: What facilitates the delivery of dignified care to older people? A survey of health care professionals

  Organisation Ward Individual Societal
Facilitating dignity
 Protocols and procedures   ×   
 Staff attitudes and values   × ×  
 Staff mix, communication and culture and team working   ×   
 Adoption of interventions to promote dignity   ×   
Barriers to dignified care
 Resources-staffing, time, skill mix, task orientated care ×    
 Culture and values-including valuing staff ×    
 Workforce diversity ×    
 Inadequate/routine education about dignity ×    
 Poor communication    ×  
 Working on auto-pilot    ×  
 Value of care and caring     ×
 Valuing and prioritisation of older people     ×
 Failures of nursing education     ×