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Table 3 Acceptance of the caregiving role

From: Experiences of “endless” caregiving of impaired elderly at home by family caregivers: a qualitative study

Category Concepts
Presence or absence of alternative choice regarding whether one should accept the task of caregiving at home Accepted upon being given alternative to choose whether to provide caregiving at home or to take up other options
(1) Active acceptance: The caregiver accepts the caregiving role because s/he wants to be with the care recipient and protect him/her
(2) Reluctant acceptance: Acceptance due to religious teachings or social standards such as gratitude or the fact that children should look after their parents. The caregiving role is perceived as a social role that should be played, and acceptance is due to reasons other than the caregiver’s will
Acceptance because of the absence of any other viable option
Acceptance of the caregiving role because of the occurrence of an event that left no other option except to undertake caregiving at home:
Possibility of acceptance of caregiving at home under additional conditions The role of caregiving can be relayed to someone else
Making the care recipient accept conditions for staying at home