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Fig. 4

From: Comparative transcriptomics of the nematode gut identifies global shifts in feeding mode and pathogen susceptibility

Fig. 4

Morphological differences in feeding structures. a Whole P. pacificus pharyngeal structure including specialised predatory feeding adaptations (scale bar = 50 \(\upmu\)m). b Whole C. elegans pharynx c Higher magnification image of P. pacificus specialised teeth-like feeding adaptations facilitating predatory feeding (scale bar = 20 \(\upmu\)m). d Terminal bulb of P. pacificus pharynx with no grinder present e C. elegans tube like mouth cavity and f grinder in the terminal bulb of C. elegans to aid with bacterial lysis. g Transformed false color pH heat map image for P. pacificus. Scale bar = 100 \(\upmu\)m

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