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Table 1 Comparison of Seqotron to other sequence editors

From: Seqotron: a user-friendly sequence editor for Mac OS X

  Seqotron Jalview SeaView Se-Al Mesquite
Concatenate sequences Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mouse-based alignment Yes Yes Yes
Transaligna Yes Yes
Temporary translation Yes Yes
Alignment zooming Yes Yes
Distance matrix Yes Yes
Loading tree formats NEXUS, NEWICK NEWICK NEXUS
Estimating trees NJb, UPGMAc, MLd NJ, UPGMA NJ, MPe, ML NJ, MP
Tree resampling Bootstrap, jackknife Bootstrap
  1. aAlignment of protein-coding DNA sequences using their amino acid translation
  2. bNeighbor-joining (NJ)
  3. cUnweighted pair-group method using arithmetic averages (UPGMA)
  4. dMaximum likelihood (ML)
  5. eMaximum parsimony (MP)