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Table 5 NTM species identified based on 16S rRNA gene and hsp65 gene sequencing

From: Increased isolation of nontuberculous mycobacteria among TB suspects in Northeastern, Tanzania: public health and diagnostic implications for control programmes

Strain ID 16S rRNA gene sequencing Identity/sequence length (bp) hsp65 gene sequencing Identity/sequence length (bp)
TZ095 M. kumamotonense 558/559 M. kumamononense 357/357
TZ141 M. intracellulare 922/928 M. scrofulaceum 343/359
M. kansasii 924/928 M. avium complex 343/360
TZ145 M. intermedium 902/916 M. avium complex 300/315
M. triplex 896/916
TZ147 M. acapulcensis 918/918 M. flavescens 369/372
M. flavescens 912/919 M. novocastrense 368/372
TZ149 M. kumamotonense 928/928 M. kumamotonense 356/357
M. hiberniae 382/384
TZ217 M. stomatepiae 570/570 M. lentiflavum 362/372
TZ224 M. colombiense 928/928 M. colombiense 378/385
M. avium complex 376/385
TZ294 M. terrae complex 923/931 M. kumamotonense 368/384
M. terrae 364/384
M. hiberniae 363/384