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Table 1 Guided Interview for professionals, patients and relatives

From: Which medical and social decision topics are important after early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease from the perspectives of people with Alzheimer’s Disease, spouses and professionals?

Decision topics Interview with professionals Interview with patients/relatives
Medical complaints of the patients, contact with the medical system, treatment 1. First of all I would like you to tell me some basics about your occupation
 What persons are generally contacting you?
 At what stages do clients contact you?
 Who does contact you (patients, relatives, other persons)?
1. First, please tell me for what reason you are here (at the department) and what is done with you?
 How do you get here?
 What problems have made you come here?
Time of diagnosis: disclosure, reactions 2. How does the process of diagnosis and disclosure of persons affected proceed?
 Reactions of persons affected
 Important issues
2. Now I would like to ask you about your diagnosis:
 At what time was it told to you?
 What have you heard about it?
 How was your reaction?
Main topics emerging after the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease 3. What issues are coming up when you are engaged with patients or family members? (Most frequent? Dramatic? Easy/difficult to resolve?
4. If you think of the beginning of Alzheimer’s Disease, what deficits regarding care and support of patients and relatives do you see?
3. What’s next? How will you deal with the disease?
 Are there any things that you think should be managed or planned? What kind of things?
 Are there any things that other persons or your relatives have told you that should be managed or planned? What kind of things?