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Table 1 Eleven genotypes characterized in this study

From: Variation in sequences containing microsatellite motifs in the perennial biomass and forage grass, Phalaris arundinacea (Poaceae)

Country Sample name Latitude Longitude
Poland A 53° 50′02.83″N 21° 03′30.36″E
Poland H 54° 23′21.42″N 18° 28′42.18″E
Germany B 52° 13′09.87″N 11° 42′25.14″E
Germany D 53° 25′51.60″N 09° 46′39.78″E
Denmark I 56° 12′13.48″N 08° 09′39.07″E
Denmark E 55° 56′16.98″N 12° 28′35.70″E
Sweden F 58° 52′20.04″N 14° 53′56.79″E
Sweden K 64° 36′27.31″N 20° 57′04.32″E
Ireland G 53° 35′24.27″N 08° 03′33.69″W
UK C 52° 29′17.12″N 00° 55′59.12″W
UK J 52° 44′34.76″N 01° 08′09.87″W
  1. The eleven genotypes are grouped by six European countries (sample names corresponding to Fig. 1) with latitude and longitude coordinates of their origin