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Table 3 Eight highly polymorphic nuclear EST-SSR markers with GenBank accession numbers and size range

From: Variation in sequences containing microsatellite motifs in the perennial biomass and forage grass, Phalaris arundinacea (Poaceae)

Primer name Clone; GenBank accession no. Size range (bp)
TeaPh_nSSR_2 KU316389; KU316392; KU316395 191
TeaPh_nSSR_4 KU316399; KU316400; KU316403; KU316416; KU316414 240–241
TeaPh_nSSR_7 KU316423; KU316427; KU316426; KU316429; KU316433 247
TeaPh_nSSR_24 KU316439; KU316441; KU316443; KU316444 197
TeaPh_nSSR_46 KU316451; KU316452; KU316458; KU316467; KU316471 178–186
TeaPh_nSSR_47 KU316485; KU316486; KU316489; KU316476 261–269
TeaPh_nSSR_49 KU316491; KU316492; KU316495; KU316498 152–166
TeaPh_nSSR_80 KU316500; KU316501; KU316506; KU316512 144–150
  1. The study developed eight polymorphic EST-SSR markers containing polymorphism such as SSRs, InDels and SNPs