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Table 2 Drugs used for premedication and anaesthesia of the 45 dogs

From: Ligation of the mesovarium in dogs with a self-locking implant of a resorbable polyglycolic based co-polymer: a study of feasibility and comparison to suture ligation

Drug Indication Dosage (mg/kg) Trade name Route of administration
Acepromazine Sedative 0.1  Apromazin 0.2 %a I.M.
Tramadol Analgesic 4 Cloridrato de tramadol 50 mg/mlb I.M.
Meloxicam Analgesic 0.2 Maxicam 2 %c S.C
Ketamine General anaesthesia 10  Cetamin 10 %a I.V.
Midazolam   0.5 Midazolam 5 mg/mlb I.V.
Lidocaine Regional anaesthesia 5 Xylestesin 2 %d Epidural
  1. a Syntec®
  2. b Hipolabor
  3. c Ouro Fino
  4. d Cristália