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Table 1 Timeline of clinical events

From: Hemodialysis catheter-associated superior vena cava syndrome and pulmonary embolism: a case report and review of the literature

Time Event
Day 0 28yo woman with end-stage renal disease in the setting of IgA nephropathy undergoes right IJ tunneled HD catheter placed for initiation of hemodialysis
Day 47 Presents to outside hospital with SVC syndrome and started on intravenous heparin
Day 51 Transferred to our hospital with SVC syndrome and bacteremia (on IV heparin and IV vancomycin) for consideration of advanced interventions involving the HD catheter
Day 55 Due to the persistence of thrombus-associated SVC syndrome, HD catheter is removed and replaced; IV vancomycin and IV heparin are continued, and coumadin is initiated
Day 60 Develops right-sided chest pain with fever; CT angiography demonstrates R-sided pulmonary embolism
Day 63 Develops pleuritic chest pain with blood tinged sputum; CT chest demonstrates pulmonary infarction
Day 69 Resolution of symptoms; discharged with six-month course of coumadin, 28-day course of vancomycin, and outpatient hemodialysis
Day 268 (approximately 9 months after discharge) Underwent renal transplant