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Table 1 BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations [13]

From: Clinical and pathological features of BRCA1/2 tumors in a sample of high-risk Moroccan breast cancer patients

Gene Mutation Manifestation, age at diagnosis Family history
BRCA1 c.181T > G BC, 34 years Mother, BC 45 years
  c.798-799delTT BC, 42 years Mother, BOC 50 years
    M Cousin, BC 47 years
  c.2805delA BC, 41 years M aunt, BC 42 years
  c.3279delC BC, 32 years Mother, BC 49 years
  c.3279delC BC, 49 years Daughter, BC 32 years
  c.5062-5064delGTT BC, 25 years M aunt, CS 40 years
    M cousin, BC 27 years
BRCA2 c.745-1G > A BC, 33 years No family history
  c.3381delT BC, 38 years Mother, BC 50 years
  c.7110delA BC, 38 years M aunt, BC 43 years
    Mother, BC 40 years
  c.7235insG BC, 40 years M aunt, BC 38 years
    M aunt, BC 42 years
    M aunt, BC 45 years
    Sister, BC 33 years
  c.7235insG BBC, 45 years Sister, BC 41 years
    P cousin, BC 40 years
    P cousin, BC 50 years
  1. BC breast cancer, BBC bilateral breast cancer, BOC breast and ovarian cancers, M maternal, P paternal