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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of patients with documented multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB)

From: Resistant tuberculosis in Maranhão, Brazil: a case series

Patient Age Tuberculosis duration, years Drugs to which the patient was resistanta Severe CXR findingsb Time to smear conversion, months Adverse reactions to the treatment
1 33 3 INH, Rif, Eth, Stm No 12 None
2 27 5 INH, Rif Yes GI
3 38 4 INH, Rif Yes None
4 18 7 INH, Rif, Eth Yes None
  1. CXR chest radiograph, Eth ethambutol, INH isoniazid, Rif rifampin, Stm streptomycin, GI gastrointestinal
  2. aPatients were tested for resistance to Eth, INH, Rif, PZA, Stm, Km, Cm, and Tha, as well as resistance to ciprofloxacin and cycloserine
  3. bCavitary and bilateral lesions