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Fig. 1

From: Isolation and identification of group A rotaviruses among neonatal diarrheic calves, Morocco

Fig. 1

Changes observed at the cellular level after MA104 infection with different bovine RVA strains or controls activated with different concentrations of TPCK-Trypsin (0–30 µg/inoculum). a No changes at the cellular level were observed and the shape of the cells was similar to the control cell with 0–10 μg/inoculum. b, c Cell lysis and degeneration due to trypsin cytotoxicity with 25–30 μg/inoculum. d The first sign of cytopathic effect (CPE) with considerable changes in cell’s morphology at 15–20 μg/inoculum. e, f Cells destruction after 4 days post-infection with 15–20 μg/inoculum. g, h Cells were apically infected and CPE was optimally observed at 15 µg/inoculum

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