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Table 1 TaqMan® probes used in this study

From: Isolation and detection of microRNA from the egg of chickens

miRNA (probe name) miRNA (chicken annotation) Presence
Yolk Albumen
hsa-mir-10a gga-mir-10a-5p
hsa-mir-10b gga-mir-10b-5p
hsa-mir-22 gga-mir-22-3p
hsa-mir-26a gga-mir-26a-5p
hsa-mir-30c gga-mir-30c-5p + +
hsa-mir-30c-1 No published equivalent
gga-mir-30c-1-3p n/a
hsa-mir-92a gga-mir-92-3p + +
hsa-mir-99a gga-mir-99a-5p +
hsa-mir-100 gga-mir-100-5p +
mmu-mir-142-3p gga-mir-142-3p +
gga-mir-146c n/a
hsa-mir-183 gga-mir-183
hsa-mir-204 gga-mir-204
hsa-mir-215 gga-mir-215-5p + +
hsa-mir-486-3p No published equivalent
oan-mir-1388-5p No published equivalent
gga-mir-2188 n/a + +
tgu-mir-2970-5p No published equivalent  
hsa-let-7f gga-let-7f-5p  
gga-mir-control 5′–CCGAGGCGCCUCGGUGGGC–3′ + +