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Table 2 Factor loading of the Kh-CD-RSIC10 from principal axis factoring

From: Reliability and validity of the Khmer version of the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (Kh-CD-RISC10) in Cambodian adolescents

Item Description Factor loading
1 I am able to deal with change 0.636
2 I can deal with whatever comes my way 0.605
3 I try to see the funny side of things when I am faced with problems 0.469
4 Dealing with stress can make me stronger 0.401
5 I tend to bounce back after being sick, injury, or other hardships 0.580
6 I believe I can achieve what I want, even there are problems 0.549
7 Under pressure, I still think clearly 0.585
8 I do not lose hope from failure 0.661
9 I think of myself as a strong person when dealing with life’s challenges and difficulties 0.747
10 I am able to handle unpleasant or painful feelings like sadness, fear and anger 0.506