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Table 2 Summary of the performance evaluation process from the three sites

From: ASPIRE for quality: a new evidence-based tool to evaluate clinical service performance

  Area for evaluation Goal Evaluation team
Site 1metropolitan rehabilitation hospital Rehabilitation following unilateral below knee and above knee amputation To examine practice compliance against established clinical guidelines for amputation in order to stimulate improvements in allied health services, which could potentially improve patients’ functional outcomes and decrease their length of stay in rehabilitation Physiotherapist, occupational therapist and a social worker
Site 2metropolitan acute tertiary hospital Depression or mood disturbance following a stroke To determine the impact of implementing a structured mood tool in identifying patients who are likely to be depressed or are experiencing mood disturbance following a stroke episode. The mood tool complies with the national stroke guidelines recommendation of a structured and psychometrically sound instrument to detect early mood changes (i.e. depression) and therefore facilitate timely referrals to psychological assessment and treatment 3 Social workers
Site 3regional general hospital Foot screening in diabetes care To examine compliance of current practice in foot screening against the national evidence-based guideline for the prevention, identification and management of foot complications in diabetes 2 Podiatrists