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Fig. 1

From: Morphological configuration of the cranial base among children aged 8 to 12 years

Fig. 1

Location of reference points for lateral cephalic radiograph obtained for this study. 1 Nasion (N): junction of nasal and frontal bones. 2 Sella (S): midpoint of sella turcica. 3 Articular (Ar): point of intersection of the basilar apophysis of the occipital bone and the posterior border of the condyle. 4 Basion (Ba): most anterior inferior point of the anterior border of the occipital hole. 5 Gonion (Go): determined at the bisection of the angle formed by the posterior surface of the mandibular ramus and the mandibular body. 6 Menton (Me): lower most point of the mandibular symphysis curve. 7 B point (B): deepest point on anterior profile of mandibular symphysis. 8 A point (A): deepest point on anterior profile of superior maxilla

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