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Table 1 Association of flux changes and their predictions

From: Functional centrality as a predictor of shifts in metabolic flux states

  FC p value CEF p value
Kendall’s \(\tau\) 0.63 \({<}3\cdot 10^{-5}\) 0.45 \({<}3\cdot 10^{-3}\)
Pearson’s r 0.50 0.016 0.39 0.065
Spearman’s \(\rho\) 0.74 \({<}5\cdot 10^{-5}\) 0.67 \({<}5\cdot 10^{-4}\)
  1. Changes are caused by switching from aerobic to fermentative conditions; predictors are changes of functional centralities (FC) and of control-effective fluxes (CEF), respectively