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Table 1 Lipids investigated in this study

From: Assessment of free fatty acids and cholesteryl esters delivered in liposomes as novel class of antibiotic

Lipid class Test lipid Code Molecular formula Molecular weighta Double bondsb
Free fatty acids Palmitic acid PA C16H32O2 256.42 0
Stearic acid SA C18H36O2 284.48 0
Oleic acid OA C18H34O2 282.46 1
Linoleic acid LA C18H32O2 280.45 2
Arachidonic acid AA C20H32O2 304.47 4
Docosahexaenoic acid DA C22H32O2 328.49 6
Cholesteryl esters Cholesteryl palmitate CP C43H76O2 625.06 0
Cholesteryl oleate CO C45H78O2 651.10 1
Cholesteryl linoleate CL C45H76O2 649.08 2
Cholesteryl arachidonate CA C47H76O2 673.11 4
  1. aAs provided by the manufacturer
  2. bNumber of unsaturated double bonds in the free or esterified fatty acid