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Fig. 1

From: Modulation of endoglin expression in islets of langerhans by VEGF reveals a novel regulator of islet endothelial cell function

Fig. 1

VEGF164 increases endoglin expression in cultured islets but does not modify islet viability. RNA was isolated from 30 mouse islets either directly following isolation (fresh) or following 1 or 2 weeks of culture. PCR was then undertaken for mRNA levels of VEGF splice variants (a). Real time PCR was also undertaken for Endoglin (b) VEGFR2 (c) CD31 (d) and CD34 (e) with RNA isolated from either freshly isolated islets or following 48 h culture in the presence and absence of VEGF164 (50 ng/ml). Data are normalised to β-actin and presented as % change with fresh islets normalised to 100 %. ATP levels in islets were measured following 48 h of VEGF164 (50 ng/ml) treatment (f). Data represent mean values + SEM and are from 3 separate mouse islet extractions

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