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Fig. 2

From: Modulation of endoglin expression in islets of langerhans by VEGF reveals a novel regulator of islet endothelial cell function

Fig. 2

Loss of endothelial cell-specific endoglin expression reduces total endothelial cell area per islet. Pancreases of endoglin fl/fl VE-Cadherin Cdh5(PAC)Cre-ERT2 (mutant) mice and endoglin fl/fl (control) P7 neonates were collected, processed and co-labelled for CD31 and Endoglin to verify ablation of endoglin by ECs of mutant mice (a, b). Immunohistochemical analysis of CD34-positive staining was undertaken using HRP-DAB (eosin counterstain; c black arrows. Sections were also double labelled for insulin (fluorescein) and glucagon (texas red; d). Measurements of islet vascular density taken from ~20 islets/per mouse and expressed as CD34-positive area (µm; e) per islet, total islet area (µm2; f), Islet size distribution was also analysed (%; g). Data are mean values (n = 4 animals per group) + SEM

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