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Fig. 1

From: GP0.4 from bacteriophage T7: in silico characterisation of its structure and interaction with E. coli FtsZ

Fig. 1

The alignment of GP0.4 (Uniprot accession: P03776), Yersinia phage YpsP-R (I6Q992), Salmonella phage Vi06 (E1XU80), and Citrobacter phage CR8 (W6PPJ7) using multiple sequence comparison by Log- Expectation (MUSCLE) [64, 65], and coloured using the Clustal colour scheme in Jalview [66]. The PSIPRED [67] secondary structure prediction for GP0.4 used in the ab initio modelling is shown below: red bars represent predicted α-helices and green arrows represent predicted β-strands

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