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Fig. 4

From: GP0.4 from bacteriophage T7: in silico characterisation of its structure and interaction with E. coli FtsZ

Fig. 4

The top results when docking the ‘V’ form (a) and the ‘U’ form (b) of GP0.4 to the FtsZ model in ClusPro [4750]. The GP0.4 model is coloured blue while the FtsZ structure is coloured by secondary structure: red for α-helices, yellow for β-strands, green for coil. Regular secondary structure elements in FtsZ are labelled H for α-helices or S for β-strands. The α-helices (H) and β-strands (S) shown in the cartoon representation of FtsZ are labeled according to the 3D structures of Methanococcus jannaschi FtsZ

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