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Table 1 Three different types of physical activity programs that participants ranked from most preferred to least preferred [54]

From: Physical activity preferences of individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

Program Description
Program A Do it yourself 1. Participate in a brief session with a fitness specialist to discuss the benefits of physical activity and how to get started
2. How, when and where you are physically active will be solely determined by you
Program B Do it youself with professional guidance 1. Be given fitness tools to help you monitor your progress (e.g., heart rate monitors, pedometers) OR a membership to a community fitness center where you could engage in physical activity whenever it is convenient for you
2. Exercise guidance and consultation will be provided by an fitness specialist. This will consist of an initial session and continued contact with the fitness specialist through brief phone calls and/or occasional visits to a fitness facility
3. How, when, and where you exercise will be determined by you, with guidance from the fitness specialist
Program C Relying on professional supervision 1. Attend a fitness facility at the same predetermined day and time each week for 12 weeks. At these weekly sessions, you will: (a) Engage in aerobic exercise under the direction of a fitness specialist, and (b) participate in a group to learn about and discuss the benefits of physical activity
2. How, when, and where you are physically active during the week will be determined through discussions with the fitness specialist