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Fig. 1

From: Comparison of blood RNA isolation methods from samples stabilized in Tempus tubes and stored at a large human biobank

Fig. 1

Comparison of RNA yields for the adult and cord blood samples collected in Tempus tubes. The RNA yield from adult blood samples (n = 12 Tempus tubes per protocol, n = 11 Tempus tubes for the Tempus 6-port protocol) and the RNA yield from cord blood samples (n = 3 Tempus tubes per protocol, except the ABI system, where n = 6 Tempus tubes). *The RNA yields from cord blood samples were significantly higher than for adult blood samples, and **the RNA yields obtained from cord blood samples using the two MagMAX protocols were significantly higher than the RNA yields obtained using the other three protocols (p < 0.05). Each bar represents the average RNA yield and the error bars indicate ± SE

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