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Fig. 4

From: Comparison of blood RNA isolation methods from samples stabilized in Tempus tubes and stored at a large human biobank

Fig. 4

Log2-NRQ values for 13 miRNAs for adult blood samples. The normalized relative quantity values [NRQ = 2−ΔCq(sample); where the ΔCq (sample) = Cq (miRNA) − Cq (internal control)]) of 13 miRNAs from adult samples collected in Tempus tubes (n = 12 Tempus tubes for adult blood). a Log2-transformed NRQ-value of 13 miRNAs for the three RNA isolation protocols. Each bar represents the log2-transformed NRQ values and the error bar indicates ± SE; b correlation between MagMax semi-automated and manual protocols; c correlation between MagMax semi-automated and Norgen protocols; d correlation between MagMax manual and Norgen protocols. There are significant (p < 0.001) correlations between the NRQ-values of the three protocols. Each point represents the average of log2-NRQ values of three technical replicates from one Tempus tube, i.e., 13 miRNAs × 12 blood samples from 12 Tempus tubes

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