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Table 2 Example of variables collected in the WSV datasets

From: Compensation Research Database: population-based injury data for surveillance, linkage and mining

Group Variables
Claimant De-identified claimant number generated by ISCRR
Age at the time of accident
Type of employment that the claimant is undertaking
Occupation type major group of claimant (ANZSCO 1st edition 2006)
Index of relative socio-economic advantage and disadvantage (IRSAD)
Accessibility and remoteness index of Australia (ARIA)
Workplace The main group for the workplace industry codes for the activity of the claimant (ANZSIC 2006)
The workplace industry code main group for the workplace where the injury was sustained (ANZSIC 2006)
Workplace size
Claim De-identified claim number generated by ISCRR
Claim status (e.g. open, closed, or re-opened)
First date of incapacity
Injury Date of accident
Mechanism and nature of injury (TOOCS 2008 3rd edition)
First bodily location of injury major group (TOOCS 2008 3rd edition)
Payment Payment type code (e.g. weekly compensation, doctor, physiotherapy, psychology)
Date of invoice or the start date of a weekly payment entitlement period
Amount listed on the invoice
Service Service date
First service item code
Scheme payable amount
Medical certificate Medical certificate types (e.g. unfit, alternative and modified duties)
Medical examination date
Medical certificate source (e.g. hospital, medical practitioner)