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Table 1 Description and indication of socio-economic status of locations per city where the survey was conducted

From: How resilient is the general population to heatwaves? A knowledge survey from the ENHANCE project in Brussels and Amsterdam

Municipalitya Survey location type Average income per capitab Rankingd
Ixelles Shopping street €15,068 2nd quartile
Etterbeek Park €13,746 3th quartile
Etterbeek Tram/bus connection €13,746 3th quartile
Brussels Shopping street €12,079 3th quartile
Anderlecht Outdoor market €11,356 4th quartile
Saint-Gilles Tram/bus connection €11,718 4th quartile
Areaa Survey location type Status scorec Rankingd
Museumkwartier Park 2.62 1st quartile
Landlust Shopping centre −0.66 4th quartile
Apollobuurt Shopping street 2.88 1st quartile
Oude Pijp Outdoor market 0.87 2nd quartile
Bijlmer Oost Shopping street −2.2 4th quartile
IJburg Shopping street 1.59 1st quartile
  1. aThe Brussels Capital Region consists of 19 municipalities, while Amsterdam consists of 71 areas, all of them defined by unique zip codes
  2. bThe average income per capita over the year 2013, as determined by Statistics Belgium [12]
  3. cThe status score of each area, indicating the social status in comparison to other areas. This figure is a compilation of educational level, income and work situation of the inhabitants, and was determined by the Social and Cultural Planning Agency of the Netherlands over the year 2014 [13]
  4. dRanking for each municipality in Brussels is in comparison to all 19 municipalities in the Brussels Capital Region. Ranking for each area in Amsterdam is in comparison to all 3541 areas in the Netherlands