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Table 3 Drug resistance mutations and loss of protease inhibitor (PI) drug options among patients with any major PI mutation

From: From antiretroviral therapy access to provision of third line regimens: evidence of HIV Drug resistance mutations to first and second line regimens among Ugandan adults

Patient ID Sex Age (years) Viral load (copies/ml) CD4 (cells/mm3) Duration on ART (years) Duration on second line ART (years) HIV-1 sub-type Identified drug resistance mutations Level of PI resistance
NNRTI NRTI PI High Intermediate Low Susceptible
CoL-1 M 57 339,081 165 9.4 3.6 A   M184V, K65R, A62V V82S, I54V, M46I, K43T, L24IL, L10F ATV, FPV, IDV, LPV, NFV SQV, TPV   DRV
CoL-2 F 58 3886 620 9.3 6.2 A   M184V V82A, I54V, M46L, L89V, L10F ATV, FPV, IDV, LPV, NFV SQV TPV DRV
CoL-3 M 38 13,560 130 9.4 6.6 D A98G, L100I, K103N M41L, T215Y, L74V V82A, I54IV, L33F   ATV, FPV, IDV, SQV LPV, NFV, TPV DRV
CoL-4 M 34 221,251 130 9.0 6.7 D   M184V, M41L, T215Y V82A, I54V, M46I, L33F, L24I, L10F ATV, FPV, IDV, LPV, NFV SQV TPV DRV
CoL-5 M 69 14,127 287 9.2 7.2 A K103N   V82A   IDV, NFV ATV, FPV, LPV, SQV DRV,TPV
CoL-6 F 39 68,537   9.8 7.3 D K103N, L100I, Y181F M184L, L74V, M41LM, T215A V82AV, A71T, L10I, K20T   IDV, LPV, NFV ATV, FPV, SQV DRV, TPV
CoL-7 F 40 98,489 97 9.0 7.8 D G190A, Y181C, K101E M41L, L210W, K219E, T215C V82F, I54V, M46I, Q58E, I47V, L10I IDV, FPV, LPV, NFV ATV, TPV DRV, SQV  
  1. F Female, M Male, PI Protease inhibitor, NRTI Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor, NNRTI Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor, ATV Atanazavir, DRV Darunavir, FPV Fosamprenavir, IDV Indinavir, LPV Lopinavir, NFV Nelfinavir, SQV Saquinavir, TPV Tipranavir