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Table 1 Nursing and gaming experience

From: A preliminary study of a novel emergency department nursing triage simulation for research applications

Highest education  
 Associate’s degree in nursing 2
 Bachelor of Science in nursing 7
 Master of Science in nursing 1
Nursing experience, months (mean/SD) 303.5 (154.2)
ER nursing experience, months (mean/SD) 195.4 (146.7)
Current work in ER triage, h/month (mean/SD) 45.9 (20.7)
Experience with computer gaming
 Yes 4
 Mean (SD) h/week 2.3 (0.9)
Experience with virtual worlds
 Yes 1
 Mean (SD) h/week 1 (–)
Experience with gaming systems
 Yes 4
 Mean (SD) h/week 1.4 (0.5)
Experience with cell phone/tablet games
 Yes 6
 Mean (SD) h/week 3.8 (4.3)