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Table 3 Over-represented molecular functions identified by PANTHER analysis

From: Differential expression of genes related to gain and intake in the liver of beef cattle

Molecular function GO annotation Number of genes Expected number of genes Nominal P value
Transporter activity GO:0005215 37 21.81 1.36E−03
Transmembrane transporter activity GO:0022857 34 19.81 1.76E−03
Cation transmembrane transporter activity GO:0008324 17 7.46 1.65E−03
Cytoskeletal protein binding GO:0008092 10 4.78 2.36E−02
Amino acid transmembrane transporter activity GO:0015171 6 1.7 7.91E−03
Intermediate filament binding GO:0019215 2 0.22 2.01E−02