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TableĀ 4 Spoligopatterns of orphan strains and corresponding lineages identified from tuberculous lymphadenitis patients in northwestern Ethiopia

From: Preliminary investigation of the transmission of tuberculosis between farmers and their cattle in smallholder farms in northwestern Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

SIT No. of isolates SITVIT clad by KBBN Major lineage by CBN Octal number Binary format
Orphan 1 Manu2 EA 577747777742670
Orphan 1 H3-Ural-1 EA 757777777420771
Orphan 1 T1-RUS2 EA 000000077760771
Orphan 1 T3-ETH EA 777000077760771
Orphan 1 LAM EA 777777607760771
Orphan 1 CAS1-Delhi EAI 503757740003471
Orphan 1 CAS1-Delhi EAI 503767744003571
Orphan 1 CAS1-Kili EAI 541347400003460
Orphan 1 AFRI MA 400000047177671
Orphan 1 AFRI MA 700000007177371
Orphan 1 AFRI MA 400000047177571
Orphan 1 Manu_ancestor MA 715203477377571
Orphan 1 EAI4-VNM IO 743777774003571
Orphan 1 Manu2 IO 757777777423771
  1. Fourteen of the total 31 strains were identified as orphan strains in the present study and indicated in this table. The orphan strains belonged to four major lineages including Euro-American (5 strains), East-African Indian (3 strains), M. africanum (4 strains), and Indo-Oceanic (2 strains)
  2. KBBN knowledge-based Bayesian networks, CBN conformal Bayesian network