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Table 1 The Educational Fields, trainees’ health care professions, trainees’ proficiency levels, Program duration and ECTS-points [European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System or equivalent scoring system (1 ECTS-point corresponds to 25–30 h of study)], start year of the Programs and number of Programs given (n = 490)

From: E-learning programs in oncology: a nationwide experience from 2005 to 2014

Educational Fields Educational sub-fields Profession Proficiency level Program duration ECTS-point Start year No. programs given
Chemotherapy   RN, SHCA BAS 1 week VC 2005 154
Oncology Specialized oncology RN, SHCA BAS 5 weeks 7.5 2007 27
Basic oncology RN, SHCA BAS 5 weeks 7.5 2007 62
Radiotherapy Image guided radiotherapy RT EXP 1 week VC 2010 23
Basic radiotherapy MD, RN, RTT, SPEC BAS, EXP, RES 6–20 weeks 9–30a 2005 72
Symptom therapy Palliative care SHCA BAS 5–10 weeks 7.5–15 2012 18
Pain management HCA, MD, RN, SHCA BAS, EXP, RES, SPEC 5–10 weeks 7.5–15 2005 131
Psychosocial oncology RN, SHCA BAS 1–10 weeks 0.7–15a 2010 3
  1. aIncludes additional residence programs and vocational clinical programs; APRN advanced practice registered nurses, BAS basic level, EXP experienced level, HCA pediatric health care assistants, MD medical doctors, RES residents, RN registered nurses, RTT radiation therapy technologists, SHCA social and health care assistants, SPEC specialists (MD), VC vocational, clinical training